Classic Men with Classic Guns

Here is some of my black and white film photography. I've been using my dad's old Minolta film camera. We had fun with guns. Don't worry I "shot" first! 

I was really inspired by old western movies so I had Sterling here show off his guns. Don't worry they are all unloaded while the shots where taken!!! 


the modern flapper

Todays outfit was inspired by the 1920s flapper girl. Considering I was going to work I decided it was better to look 20s than to actually wear my 20s stuff! :P

The awkward hunch in the last photo is inspired by the "in" pose to hide your bust in the 1920s. 

Outfit details:
Possibly actual 1920s cloche hat (also likely a 60s repro) - SPCA Thrift shop!
Sweater - thrifted
1960s gold dress - thrifted a couple days ago!
Shoes - the same Jeffery Campbell as the last post :P

Also I think I've officially decided to dye my hair back to blonde soon!

P.s. Black and White photographs coming soon!!

Happy Easter!

It's been a while since I've posted anything! Apologies! I just moved into a new place and have been very busy! Here is my Easter outfit!

Outfit details:
Cardigan - Joe Fresh 
Dress - 1950's pink Summer dress from a thrift shop
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell found at Sally Anne
Hair clip - 1930's off ebay
The thing in my hand - Kinder Egg Surprise from my brother!! :P

On a side note, I no longer have a camera. I had been borrowing cameras from friends and family successfully for the past couple of years but no longer have access nor the money to one that isn't film. Until I can save up enough money to purchase a camera (don't hold your breath) I will be posting daily outfit posts with my boyfriends iPhone app and scanned images of my photography! I promise I'll make the pictures as pretty as possible! 

Also now that I'm finally moved into the new home, I will be able to post more often! Yay!!! :D

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter Holiday! 
-Beckiy <3